Thiruttu muthal thirumanam varai

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—All Alone in an unknown country—

I wish I was not in this situation. Everything seemed so good ten mins back. But right now, here I am, standing in the sidewalk with my things gone. I was walking towards the bus stop when I got jumped by some guys on a quiet street. They proceeded to show a gun and relieve me of my phone and wallet. That was the first time I had seen a pistol so close and I was shit terrified. It’s not even a week since I landed in Silicon Valley and I have no clue where I am or how to get back to the place I was staying or contact my friend. I was warned by Don (one of my friends who helped me set things up in this one week) not to go out without him anywhere. The silly decision of coming out alone in an unknown area resulted in the very situation I am in. All I know is the place I stayed (Don’s apartment) should be a 15-20 min bus drive. I had just come to see an apartment for my permanent accommodation against the warnings of Don. Gasping my breath I just walked back to the apartment I just visited sometime back to ask for help. Alas! The unit that I came half an hour back was locked. I wasn’t sure if I could knock on someone else to ask for help. I never know how it works here. But then, did I have an option? I dint. Choosing a random unit in the community I knocked.

A woman in Sari opened the door. She was about my amma’s age. I was little happy as they seemed to be from my land of India. Gathering all the courage I just narrated what just happened to me. She was skeptical. She dint allow me inside the home till this point. Finally I told her, if she could allow me to use the internet I can at least get the phone number of my friend that I had in my e-mail so that he could pick me up. Finally she obliged. It was then she asked my name and my whereabouts and I got to know she was also from the same city as mine.  I was slowly getting back to my normalcy. She said she had come to her daughter’s place for three months. Sipping a glass of water I began to login to my mail to get Don’s details when suddenly the door opened. A girl entered the home looking hesitantly at me. I just stood up and before I could say who I am and what I am doing, aunty came from kitchen and began the conversation – “va ma Nithya. intha paiyanoda purse , phone lam tholanchu pocham. Yaaro thupakki lam kaati meratinangalam. Paavam americavuku vanthu oru vaaram kooda aagalayam. Friend oda number paaka help ketan. Athan. paiyan peru Vijay”.

I dint know what to do. It was then, Nithya spoke –

“I am sorry Vijay. Let me get back to you in a moment. And please don’t mind what I am telling my mom now. Amma ipadi yaaru enna sonalum veetkula ulla vitruviya. How do you know what he narrated was genuine? Let this be the last time you do something like this. Not every random stranger who knocks the door at this point of time can be good. Un mela kooda thupaki kaati they can steal from our home and can do anything. Please don’t do such things and make me tensed. Bathrama iru veetukulaye naan office lenthu vara varaikum”

She was in a simple white dress with a sweatshirt. Her eyes were pretty sharp. I was watching all that had happened just now between her and aunty. I stood helpless. I know I had no choice. She turned towards me. She asked exactly what had happened. I said all I need is the phone number of my friend and a call to him. Nothing else. After making the call she left to her room asking me to wait till my friend comes. Don arrived in 20 mins. Thanking Aunty immensely I left with Don.

—Three months passed—

I just made few friends here and got settled to an extent. I used to hang out on the weekends with Don, Manager & Snake. It was one of those lazy Saturdays and we headed to a popular badminton academy to play. The place was crowded as usual. Finally we got a court and started to play. An hour went by when suddenly someone patted from behind and spoke “Enna Mr.Bayanthaguli. Epdi irukinga? Do you remember me?”  I just turned around to see Nithya with a racquet. I felt happy seeing her, because it was she and her mom who helped me when I was literally blank that day. After three months, I met her for the first time.

“So how are you? Settled in this new city?”

Thank s a lot Nithya. I did not even a get a chance to tell a proper thank you the other day as you went inside your room immediately. Glad to meet you again. How is aunty? She must have left to India, right?

“Ha ha. No formalities Vijay. Yea she left two weeks back. ”

How about a dinner after the games if you are free tonight? I owe you a debt of gratitude.

Nithya exclaimed “Asking for a date in just second meeting Vijay? I still remember your terrified face the other day. ”

I dint have my wallet to ask you for dinner during our first meeting Nithya 🙂

I dint know why I responded like that. Just introduced my friends to her and continued our game. An hour later we were all sitting together at Madras cafe, one of the popular restaurants over here.

As the days passed we became good friends. She used to join us for movies and game nights now and then. There were messages exchanged, things shared between us. We found that we had lots of interests in common. Hence whenever something happens in those areas we used to chat , discuss or debate about them.

—A year in Silicon valley—

It was a year since I came to this city. With friends around I was able to manage my stay. I did miss my friends back in India and visiting my parents every alternate week. There is no point in regretting the decision that was taken a year back. I had moved in with Snake and Manager, sharing their apartment few weeks back. Both were currently in India for a three week vacation. It was manager’s engagement. His fiancée was an MBA graduate working in New York. A perfect arranged marriage. I was sitting in the townhouse all alone thinking about the last one year. I felt nostalgic especially missing my family and friends back in India. Nithya was also kind of busy for over a month regarding a release in her company. She just came back from Seattle a day before, after her presentation. I was hesitant to call her too. Don was in Los Angeles busy with preparations for his sister’s wedding. Sitting alone in a foreign land with no one around on a weekend, thinking about your family is such a nasty feel. Just then my phone beeped.

It was Nithya. “Dei enna panitu iruka? Are you free now? Oru help plsssssss”

I was happy. The message did bring a sense of relief to my loneliness.  I just took my car keys and started towards her home.  We went out to a nearby chat shop. She was very silent. She dint speak much in car also.

“Naan enna loosa ?? You had messaged me to drop by saying you are confused and need a help. But you are all silent for last 45 mins.”

Just then she showed a FB page of a guy. I saw it and pulled her asking “Enna aunty started seeing guy for you huh?”  She replied “Yes”.

Ok. I did not expect that reply from her.

“What’s the confusion now Nithya?  And you never told they are planning for your marriage? ”

Ok listen Vijay. She spoke. “Even I was not aware. Seems they were doing initial filtering for quite some time now and they came up with this guy after seeing his jathagam etc. And I am 25 now and what else you expect?  So I was told by my amma yesterday that the guy wants to meet me in person and he is in San Francisco. Avlothan nadanthuchu. I was thinking about this and dint know how to go about it and I messaged you”

“Avlothana . Message him and say we shall meet tomorrow in a restaurant. Go and talk with him. And come back. Then think and take your decision and convey to your mom and to me. What’s you are confused? And for heaven’s sake don’t prepare anything and go. Just go, talk and come back. That’s all Nithya. It’s that simple. There is nothing to be confused or afraid. Got it? ”

Nithya looked at me and smiled. “It’s so simple and easy when it happens to other person. Even you will face this kind of tension when you go and meet a girl. I curse you. Poda. ”

Next day.

I was actually excited and curious to know what happened to Nithya’s meeting.  Finally she called me. She was laughing. “enna aachu sollu. Y are you laughing? Did you like him?”

“I had super good dinner. We did talk for over an hour. About our likes, what we do, our immediate future career plans etc. And then we split the bills and I am now in cal train heading back home ”

“Oh Appo set aagalaya. Ok then tell me in detail when we meet next time.”

We started discussing more often about this entire process of meeting a person, talking and taking a decision and how good the process is.  Manager returned from India two days before. He was our fresh piece. Back from India after his engagement that was an arranged one. Nithya and I troubled him with lots of doubts and how he arrived at a decision etc. Pity him. He was like “Dei theriyama engagement panitenda. Enna vitrunga”

In a month now Nithya rejected two proposals and one guy rejected her saying she was too outspoken. In this one month I got to know about Nithya even more, the way she handles a situation, her expectations etc. This was because we started talking more on these as her mood goes off now and then as she wasn’t sure where this process will end up. It was then we had a small break where we all travelled to Los Angeles for Don’s sister wedding. It was refreshing to every one of us. Manager was on mobile all time with his fiancé. Snake was in his own world trying to figure out things in his life regarding his studies and work. Nithya was all blur between her marriage thoughts and office work. I was the only one who was kind of happy among everyone as I was planning for a vacation to India in a month. So attending this marriage was refreshing for every one of us.

A week passed when I got a call from Nithya’s amma. She told me there is a groom in Wisconsin. And that convince Nithya to go and meet him. I just thought to myself even aunty was aware that I can handle her well. After four hours of argument and fights I finally convinced Nithya to book the flight.


I dropped Nithya at the airport and went to office. There was something ringing back at the back of my mind from the moment I talked with aunty. It was this line “Even aunty was aware that I can handle her well” It’s been more than a year that I knew Nithya. We dint fall for each other. We were friends all this long. We were able to share all sorts of things with each other. Our trust for each other gradually developed. From the day that she told don’t allow such persons into the home to the day me convincing her to meet her potential groom. “Even aunty was aware that I can handle her well”, then y dint it strike me. Was I being stupid in dropping her at the airport? Was I being an idiot in convincing her to go to Wisconsin? I was lost in thoughts.  It was then Manager’s answer on how he chose the girl made sense to me “You will get a feel she is the person da machan. Enakum therila epdinu lam” I dint know what to do. The feeling that I was experiencing was something new. I decided to wait for Nithya’s return.

There was no message from her telling me she reached Wisconsin. Nor my messages were delivered. I was munching my dinner. A sense of loneliness, anger, possessiveness, and care everything was engulfing me at that point of time. This time I was neither curious nor anxious to hear her groom meeting story. I just wished I could see her now and expressed all the emotions going inside me. Just then I got a call from Don asking me if I would join for a movie. There was a sudden plan and that Snake and Manager was on their way to the theatre to get tickets. I just refused saying I am tired and have to go to office early the next day.

After 5 mins. Again the phone rang. I just picked it and said “Athan movie varala nu solliten la. Enaku tired ah iruku da. Please leave me today” I was in such a bad state that I dint even see who was calling. “Dei  Enna blabbering? Nithya here. So you are home only la. Thank God. Open the door”

What!!!!! Did I hear it right? I just went running to the entrance and opened the door to see Nithya with her bag. She was supposed to come only tomorrow night and it was me who should pick her up.  I was about to ask her.

She spoke “Vijay I know what you are going to ask me. Let me explain all myself for next half an hour. Till then, can you please stop asking any questions or clarifications to me? ”

“Ok Listen. I was waiting in Chicago for my connecting flight. I was just recollecting everything that happened over last two months. Then this made me realize few things which I felt was very important for me to clarify before meeting the groom. I cancelled tomorrow’s flights and then just took back flight to San Jose and coming straight to see you from the airport. I was in flight all day and the flight did not have any free wifi for me to contact you. Also I dint want to tell you as you might be confused of my change of plans. Are you listening?? Please ask your bloody mind to focus on what I am telling”

I nodded.

She continued. “A sense of understanding, standing by each other on all occasions, respecting and arguing on a healthy basis, possessiveness clubbed with freedom, trust and limitless care. If you remember these were the things we finally agreed upon on for what we need for a successful relation few days back. The moment I was inside the airport today morning after you dropped me there were few things I realized. This journey of finding a match is a never ending one. And I got convinced that I will definitely not find one. ”

Y do you think or assume like that?? I interrupted.

Nithya – “Unna half an hour mooditu iruka sonen. Grabbing a Chapathi from the table, she continued. My mom was trying to convince me to go to Wisconsin for last 3 days. I wasn’t even hearing to her. Suddenly you called me and convinced me in four hours. Do you realize y you were able to convince me or y I got convinced? These were the things running through me in my flight to Chicago. Manager the other day told us some how he felt she was the girl and said yes to his parents. We laughed. ”

He he Ya ya he is one silly fellow Nithya. Still you haven’t told me why you came back? And y you felt you can’t find such a person?

She slapped me! She took a deep breath and went inside the restroom.

There was this sense of overflowing happiness inside me from the moment she came to our home. My heartbeat rate was sema fast; something comparable to Don’s driving. He is known for getting speeding tickets in our gang.

She came back from the restroom. There I was, holding a cauliflower (you can’t find any other flower in a bachelor’s room!) in my hand waiting for her. She stopped for a moment. Held her happy tears back. Walked towards me for a good nice long hug. That one hug just conveyed how much we meant for each other!!


The Honeymoon

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Mist covered mountains with lush green trees in the foreground, leaves with tiny water droplets on them, small path to walk, a perfect picturesque serene place with not much of hustle bustle. It was perfect and lovely. An ideal place every couple would love to spend on their honeymoon.

But it was not for her. She could not sense the romance in the air around her. She was lost in her thoughts about the events that had occured in the last one month of her life. “Am i happy now? how am i feeling?” She was all confused. Beside her was walking the guy who had married her three days ago, her husband. She was feeling insecure walking beside him. To her he was still a stranger in her life, whom she never knew a month back, and now she is with him all alone away from her parents, brother and friends. She was all in an unknown territory with a stranger suddenly.

“How can i live with a person all of sudden when i know nothing about him appa. Enaku pidikala pa intha marriage. Y u and amma forcing me into this when you clearly know i am pretty blank and undecided?”, one of her many conversations with her dad in the last one month. Yes. It was an arranged marriage and she was never able to accept the fact. But now its done and she is walking with him in such a lovely place on her honeymoon. Amidst all these thoughts & fear in her mind, she was with him. He was handsome and pretty comfortable. Neither too close nor away, he was just maintaining the proper distance beside her. He was just showing the beautiness of the place around to her. She was perplexed with the way he was. “Does he know what is running in her mind. Is he aware that he is going to spend time with me, a stranger to him all his life ? Or guys does not have such thoughts??” .

Filtering in matrimonial sites, horoscopes, girl seeing,posing for pics, marriage and now with him in a hill station – hers was indeed a typical perfect arranged marriage. She is yet to sink in these thoughts and a constant fear was in her the moment her marriage got fixed. She felt she could have loved and married someone, rather than being in such a situation now.

They walked silently. He got her a tea while he grabbed himself one. “Will this work out amma? Are you sure he will take care of me? How did you just like that decided? All i had was an hour of talk alone with him on the day he came to see me. What is the gurantee he will keep me happy?” . Just when she was thinking of this conversation with her amma, he broke the silence..

“So what is going on in your mind shruthi? . Are you afraid and thinking how to spend the entire life with a stranger?”. That was certainly a googly for her. She never expected such a question from him. “I can very well understand the situation you are in.” She was surprised. But then she felt any one who sees her can get what she is going through right now. He continued “Even you are a stranger to me shruthi. Even our closest friend was once a stranger to us. Its not so easy suddenly to live in the same room and sleep together all of a sudden and start sharing things with some one you never knew before. You will defintely have your wishes, so do i. I was initially against this arranged marriage stuff. Wish i could have loved a girl and married, but then such feel never occured on any person whom i had met till date”. She was silent. She was just seeing his eyes and hearing him. “Everything happend just like that. I dint know i will be here in this place with you. But it has happend. I cannot create a trust and make you love me all of a sudden. But now we are together and many more years to come, i feel i have ample time to make ur wishes come true and make you love me. And I love you shruthi”. He just held his hand towards her. More than 30 days of insecureness, fear, confusions seemed to vanish in her suddenly. She was able to feel the breeze around and the maturity and love in his eyes. She moved closer to him and took his hand with a tear. A new sense of belief and brightness dawned into her and to her this was the moment she felt actually married and the gods brought down a drizzle to bestow wishes on them. She realised the smile in her amma and appa’s face when ever she started worrying about the marraige. May be they knew she will be happy, after all it was them who knew about her more than any one else and they cared for her happiness.

*** And they lived happily ever after ***

PS: I could not think of an apt title for this post, so just gave this title randomly, a gilma factor 😛 .


Be A Man, Not A Crap…

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To be her, its not so easy. Its always “conditions apply” for every single thing. In spite of this, most men see her to be their pleasure toy. Thanks to most men out there for such dreadful acts.

Every day i see articles of gals being raped. Be it a minor or a major. There has been alarming rise of such news articles. Its been a horrible year at least with respect to this. With 2012 coming to an end & considering we in civilized society, men have started behaving like animals. In fact its not fair to compare such crap men to animals. Animals would be rather displeased for sure with this kind of comparison.

Lets try to understand her feelings rather attracted to her physically. She has hell lot of other problems to face in day to day life by herself, y to bother her more?. Stop seeing her as just models to endorse your daily products and start seeing her as inspirations for ur life. Its definitely not easy to live her life unless u see it through her eyes. Adjustments is what she does on her every day activity. Starting from her dad to the rouges in buses, she has to adjust with every one.

TV programs, media coverage, movies , nothing points to woman’s achievements. All just show you the bad side of a woman. Its high time that we teach values to young India. Stringent punishments to these rapists, proactive measures by government is the need of the hour. We dont teach values to the police, just the laws and rules are imparted to them. If we had taught moral values of respecting a woman, we wud have averted lot of such incidents.

At home, workplaces, public transports, shit there is no such place called a safe place for her. Even now the advice goes to the gals and not to the guys. We just restrict her not to go out on nights, not to wear revealing dresses, not to provoke a guy to indulge in such activities. But we never tell a guy, such things are wrong and its a sin. We never give our advice to him rather let him free to do what he wants. Rape is all about power and pleasure. At least once think from a perspective of a gal, the pain she endures, the physical trauma she has to carry.

Of course i am not against every men, or for every women out there. But time has come to slaughter the men who disrespect a woman. what right you have to spoil her life? Just because you are more powerful than her, does it mean you are entitled to rape her life? Is it a sin to be born a gal?.

Prayers to all those victims till date and lets hope a brighter future for them.

Be A man, not a crap !! Try to win her heart with your charm and not conquer her with ur strength.
Hope the new year brings happiness to every one around 🙂 Happy Happy new year 2013 🙂

Sha : I Love You :)

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Memories of her

He was looking at her. She smiled back at him. Both their eyes began talking to each other in a cute way. There was quite a bit of crowd in the bus that denied them to stand together and talk. But distance or crowd never mattered to them. All that mattered was, they were somehow still talking through their eyes.

I was seeing them, smiling to me, sitting in a window seat. I was able to see me and Sha in them.  Exactly an year ago it was in this same 335E (Majestic – ITPL), I saw Sha.  Just like these two people, all that mattered to us was, I am her world, and she, is mine.

Today as I see these two ppl, flash of green memories flow in me.

In Bangalore for the first time

It’s been around 15 months since I came to this city of Bangalore. I came here just like every other person. A normal process – Graduate from a good college, Get placed in an MNC during college, pass out successfully from the college and land up in Bangalore to work. Food (awful), climate (awesome), Girls (so mean in their dresses) – these were the major differences, I could sense between Chennai and Bangalore in my first one week of stay. It’s so easy to spot a gal smoking which I have never seen (at least to my knowledge) during my four years of college life.

“Machan intha Bangalore ponungalam velaikey aagathuda”, a common thought for every guy who has come to Bangalore after being in Chennai. Even I had the same feeling, until one day.

This day exactly ten months ago

I had missed my office cab one fine morning, courtesy the pleasant weather. I had not gone in bus till that day in Bangalore. My roomie told a bus number and specifically told me, not to go in AC bus, as its very costly nu.cha ipadi oru akkrayana frienda nu nenaichukitey bus stop vanthen. First bus came was AC. It was already 10:30. Since I was new to office, I usually reach office early around 9:00. Due to that, I got into the AC bus. Finally I reached my office around 12:00. I was not tensed because i was late. I was not worried what my manager will tell me. Because I was so happy reaching late that day, so happy in travelling in that 335E. Because I was all but thinking of the gal i saw in the bus. I dint go for lunch that day. I dint feel like going. I just dint come out of the awesomeness of that gal. She was Wow . The angel every guy would ideally dream off. I saw my princess in 335E. I dint care who else would be seeing her, I dint care if she had a boy friend already, I dint care if she was older or younger to me, I dint care where she is now, but her face was still very fresh in me. To my dismay I dint know where she got down or from where she was. Only ray of hope I had was next day same time same bus!!

Next Day

Purposefully got up late, missed my cab. Same time, same bus. She dint come (only in movies it happens may be, real life la nadakatha ). Two extreme feelings on both the days. Next day I dint want to try out my luck again. Thinking of her I got back to my usual timings. Life is sweet. I did see her again,  after a week in the same bus .I dint want to leave this chance. For the first time in my life I followed a girl.I wanted to know where she goes. To hell with this following up. I found it really difficult to do this.Always worried if she will turn back and shout.But still I followed.Ada kadavuley !!!!!!! … She works in my office, 2nd floor.And me in 6th floor.How come I have never seen her all these 5 months??? Feeling happy I went to my place for the day. Namma area thaney, paathupom.

As Days passed, closeness increased

But then I never thought TT table will make us close.Of all the ppl who were waiting there to play TT, she came and teamed up with me.That was the first of many times we played together. This continued.I slowly got to know about her.

One name I started thinking more often from that day – Shaswatha, it was her name, Sha in short.Going for TT now became a routine for me.Every day at three o clock , one can find me playing TT mostly with her.But wait.Has she become close?. I really dunno.She was definitely becoming a very good friend to me.Getting close doesnt depend on how much time u know a person.It just happens. And thats how it happened between us.

Messages started flowing in my mobile initially from her.It then turned to long night chats on phone.I always wanted to hear a nightingale sing. But then, realised when compared to her voice, even honey should taste bitter. Her smile – u can sense happiness in you when she smiles. Her eyes speak to you when she is silent. aaahhh… Am I being too much in describing her??  WT!! Nothing is too much for her. She is above everything else in this world for me.I am in search of words to tell about her, about the way she makes me feel. I wish I could tell all those. I really wish.

I did have the courage to tell her that I want her to share my life.Because I knew she too feels the same. Of all the places, I told her my love in 335E. It was this bus which showed her to me. She was not shocked or surprised. All that she did was turned around and checked if anyone in the bus heard it. She then smiled back. God!!! I never knew this will happen. It was all fairy tale till now. Love at first sight.Getting close in 3 months. Proposing to her. And she accepting it. Cha ivalavu seekram katha mudinchuruchey.


Wow what an eventful few months we had. These two ppl in the bus made me rewind all those evergreen times I had with Sha. In two stops I will be seeing her. hats where she gets into the bus usually.

After Proposing, our next few months went off so fast. We spent time together whenever we were able to. Talked about ourselves, our future, everything. We are so often carried away by our thoughts about each other. Fights come now and then between us, mainly bec we care for each other so much. If I don’t get her msg for some time, I get angry on her. Possessiveness is something that created fights between us. But all that mattered little.

There was no villian as such in our love. Separation, even for little time makes us realise how much we mean to each other. Reality is painful. Her stop has come. Sha was not there to be seen. Still, I eagerly look out for her. I can sense her presence. I can feel her in me. She is not to be seen though.  It’s been 2 very long days since she left this wonderful city. And I need to wait another 2 longggg years at least to be with her. She has gone off to America, her passion to do MS. We had lots of fight before she applied for it. Lots of discussions whether she should go or not. Finally I had to give up for her. I dunno how I am gonna be here next two years. An MBA for me and an MS for her was all that would be a difference after I meet her in two years time. My love for her will always be there. After all, I never thought higher studies will be the villian in our life. oh dear i miss you so much already . naanum ms padika poirukalamooo . Our love for each other will be permanent, that’s what her name also means.

Time is the best villian in love. It runs off immediately when she was near me. But now it waits to tick even a second, with out her. Our next two years, how it gonna be? God knows it … All izzz well always 🙂

Wish the walk continued forever ….

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It was eleven in the night and yet another lonely walk on the streets of bangalore. An hour back i was with my friends watching a movie in one of the big malls in the city. But now i am alone walking. There was no one in the street except for dogs. Just when i was about to feel the lonliness of the walk, rain came to my company. Wow !! …It was not a heavy pour, but a pleasant drizzle. Rain drops, trees on either side, a deserted place, midnight walk – certainly a walk to remember. Thousands of thoughts running in my mind. Random thoughts torture u when one is alone. But this time one thought is predominantly occupying the top slot – Thoughts about her. And thats y i considered this walk to be very special.

So much happiness in me. Though i am a nature lover, this time it was even more wonderful. One thing that i wished most now is she by my side walking hand in hand. What ever, i am seriously enjoying this. I dunno how it all happend. I know her for the last year and half. She is not of my type. And i am not her type too. As i walk now, i just wonder what brought us so close to each other. She is still puzzled, of all people around me, “y her”. Even i think of the same at times. But even i dont have an answer. Certain things are destined to happen or what ever, i am not cared about the reason. If you are lucky to find a person you like, then you are even more lucky if that person too likes you. That happened in our case.

Alomst all our interests are mutually exclusive, though there are few that are in common. After all, there is this basic rule of opposite things attract each other and i firmly believe in it. She likes me to argue with her but i dont. She advices me but when i do the same i am gone. I like to wait for her, she doesnt like me to wait for her for anything. Omg when she gets angry, to bring her back to normal, some herculean effort from my side is needed. But when u start liking a person as they are, then no matter what happens, we will still love that person.

I never expected that i will care for someone so much. When she is not near me, there are lots of memories that i can play in my mind and feel her warmth. Even when she is not with me, i never miss her. We fly high, We laugh, We become sad, We are happy to face any emotion as long as we share it together. This togetherness is just an awesome feel. I just hope that this relation between us lasts forever.

Oouch .. Sometimes i should listen to her. She warns me every time i call or msg her when i walk, “watch the road while walking and dont call me”. Exactly. As i was drowned in her thoughts, and rain , there was this bad damn car speeding around the corner. ooohh… i pulled myself back at the last moment and escaped from being hit. Just then i realised it was not just drizzling, but a heavy downpour. The reality has dumped my dream temporarily . I hurried myself to my home. Ten mins into my home, my mobile beeps – “i was just thinking of u from the time you left after movie ” . Smile is back. Anger on the car that made me down is vanished. My heart starts to beat fast as the feel of hearing her, makes me fly. Between why do you still stay here reading this??? Goodnight 🙂

Bangalore 2 Dubai in style !!

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Trip to dubai was planned for atleast 3 times and for some reason or other i was unable to go. even this time, just 2 days before boarding, i sprained my ankle badly while playing. apparam epdiyo with leg binders and all, i finally made it. Wow !! It was once in a lyf experience. Had a galla ten days from dec 25th to jan 4th at my uncle’s place. It was first time in flight. Boarded with little fear inside, but the travel was awesome. Fear was useless. I thourougly enjoyed the night view of this beautiful city. It was planned like this bglr-sharjah-bglr. After all those formalities at the airport ( onnume theriyame, comedya follwed ppl thr to complete the process :p ), i met my sweet 10 yr old nephew along with my uncle at the sharjah airport. The airport was not that good thou. Stage was set for fulltime roaming for the next ten days .. wooohoooo ….

Every single day was jam packed with places to visit. It was hectic, but fun. The first thing that struck me in dubai was the roads and their planning of the city. Chanceless… Almost every road was radar monitored. One can’t go below 60 or above 120 in almost all main roads, If u break the rule, kalas, A gud picture of ur car will be automatically taken and u will be fined 600Dhms (7200 indian rupees). Thou the city is small, but the planning is amazing with lots of crossovers, flyovers, roundabouts, sky scrapers all over, neat pukka roads etc.. Its sort of some machine driven lyf there. Almost all automatically monitored.

Ok let me now take u ppl around dubai (Don’t mind about the tense/grammar i use. All tenses will be mixed ). All set ??? So here We go ……….

Journey to Palm Jumeirah – which is an artificial archipelago and is in the shape of a palm tree. The islands consists of individual villas, hotels all constructed in such a way that it forms a shape of a palm tree when viewed from the top. One can travel through mono rail (one of its kind in the world) to look around the area surrounding the island. Then to the resort Atlantis.This resort is in midst of the palm islands and has two towers linked by a bridge. This happens to be one of the symbols of dubai. It was really a good start for the trip. Sunset at the islands was just superb.

Apart from visiting famous places in and around dubai, whenever time permits we go to different shopping malls. Omg the parking lots for every mall was something great. Every mall had min 10 levels of parking and i dunno how almost every time all the levels were filled with cars (engenthuthan paisa irukumo… ) .. Every mall had a minimum of 600 to 800 cars. shabbaaa…. I coudn’t find any two wheeler in the city.

Next we proceed to Dubai museum. Museum is beautifully structured and shows how this dynamic city was developed in last 50 years. Every one is aware of what will be in museum i suppose. So lets shift to next place.. hmmm. aiyo i forgot where to go next .. (thinking !! )

Yaaaa…. got it. A boat ride around the place to famous gold souk. Dubai is famous for its pure gold, a known fact. It was just a small pleasant ride in the waters between the streets of dubai. Now to this huge shop called “ikea” that took me by surprise. It has everything a house needs. The shop supplies all ready to assemble household products. It gives u lots of ideas on how a home should be constructed and designed in such a way that every single space is utilised. No matter how small your home is, one can decorate it to the core by utilising space properly.

And now to my favourite – Desert safari. One of the best evenings. 3 in the noon to 10 in the night. So what is this safari about. In a single word it is adventorous. Monstrous dune bashing, camel ride, sheesha (google it to get what it means) , ghawa (special arab coffee) , desert camp, sand skiing and belly dancing !! . The dune bashing in the land cruiser was spell bounding. quality time in the desert was totally awesome. For the first time had the oppurtunity to see belly dancing live and very near :p The climate was terribly cold in the desert during later part of the evening. Other wise its scorching sun during the day. Extremes. 100% enjoyment guranteed there.

Next is the night out at the famous global village in dubailand. Roamed in the village from 7 to 1 o clk in the night. It has stalls from various countries around the world, their culture, food, special arts, clothings etc… Every country had charm of its own. Unity in diversity. Ofcourse Indian stall was the best.

So now tired of travelling to many places. wanna take a break ?? Common… we have just few days left. Lets move to our next destination – travel in metro. Metro takes you around the city and gives the best picture of how the city is, the driverless train, pakka platforms (mind u , everything is automatic). One unique thing about the city is, various airport terminals are very nearby to the normal road. There is no such big fencing separating airports and normal roads. Few feet from where we drive, flights will be parked just like another car. Travel in metro is just to get another different feel of how the trains are there.

Time to visit the famous Sharjah cricket stadium, a 20 min drive from our house, once the stadium was the hot spot for cricket matches. Who can forget our God’s (Sachin) desert strom innigs. Wah wah !! take a bow to the little master. He is just like a preserved wine getting better day by day. Infact i did bow on the pitch and felt soooo great.

Hatta rock pools is our next place. Its a 100 km drive and the place is almost near Oman (infact while we go to Hatta, a part of the drive goes via Oman). Passport lam kepanga, namma dabaikalam, onnum pracahanai illa, athan uncle is there na. The place has a nice pool with massive rocks surrounding it. Its a very good place of scenic beauty. Really worth for nature lovers. The breathtaking mountain scenery and the peaceful atmosphere takes us away to a different world. The drive on our way back to dubai is too nice with sand dunes and rocks on either side.

Lets meet the wonderful dolphins, seals in the dubai dolphinarium. The show is a real fun for 45 mins. wow the dolphins do amazing stunts and surprisingly do what ever they are told. Dance, jump, dive, excercise, anything u wnat it to do, it will. A sweet show infact. Onto the famous jumeirah beach. Famous for its sun bath. Burj Al Arab the most famous hotel is part of this beach. The beach is a sure treat for your eyes. :p

Ha ha… enough of staying on the roads. Lets now reach for the skies. Dec 31st evening. To the top of world’s tallest building – Bhurj Khalifa. The amazing lift takes you to 124th floor in a record 64 seconds. Oh ho… The view from the top is awesome. No word to desribe. The sky is at touching heights. From earth to the skies in 64 secs. Every other sky scraper now looks small. Strange !! Scintillating fireworks at the world’s tallest building light the night sky to a huge extent. Thousands thronged around the place to watch this stunning spectacle. I was fortunate to view it and welcomed the new year with lots of hopes and brightness.

To Abu dhabi, the captial city of UAE. This city is famous for its skyscrapers and every building is very close to each other. Emirates palace is in here. To our surprise, the whole city is oddly five streets. After visiting a beach we pack off yet another eventfull day.

shabba… still there are lots of places to go – Fujairah, al ain … But unfortunately we dont have enough time. Hope enough gifts, chocks are purchased. Also we shopped hell lot in the various malls that we went around.

Overall this was a much needed outing after a long time. Thou it was just ten days, i enjoyed to the core. Thanks to my uncle and family for making this possible.

But what ever, sorgame endralum athu namma ooru pola varuma ????

PS: I will share my pictures sooner.

In search of my very special one :)

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It was my BDay. The day started with blessings from my parents. Then messages, calls. Hmm its always nice to see ppl wishing atleast on your bday. Till then it was just another usual birthday. I was getting ready for my office just when my mobile rang for umpteenth number of time that morning. I was surprised to the core on seeing the number on my mob. It was from that special person. special ?? ya for sure special, because i have never talked to that person before. It was just messaging for last four odd months. but y??

( a small flashback !#$%^& We both got introduced to each other in a very unusal way. I got a weird message from that number around four months back. Thats when, i got her first message. It was sent to me wrongly. Since that message was filled with disappointment, something in me told to reply back. Our friednship started exactly there. Can’t explain exactly how everything happend, but we decided not to talk or see each other but just share things when ever we feel like via our messages. Strange isn’t it… atleast for me it was ).

With little bit of excitement i picked the call. She wished me. i was dumbstruck. Her voice seemed to be pretty young. I dint have any expectations about her. She asked me if i could meet her. (adada intha chance a vida koodathu.). Big YES. But then, there was some twist to it too. Told me that, she will be in that famous amusement park in the garden city from 10 to 6, and if i am smart enough i can find her and thus ended her call. rightu… ellathayum suthi valaikarathu than ava vela pola !! .. hmmmm… Was someone playing pranks on me or what. Okie let it be. Athayum pathrulam. Finally i decided to find her. Sick leave to office on my bday, rombha soooper, theriyatha oru ponnukaga poi vera solliyachu..

Drove to the amusement park. It was 9 30. The board read vistors allowed from 11 in the morning and last entry at 4 in the evening. and the park closes at 7. I waited. More than the excitment of meeting her, i was more worried of how to find her, thats bec i was not sure if she told me her proper name also, all i know is her mobile number. Seriously i felt very filmy at that point of time, as i have never seen anything of this kind happend to me before or even to my friends. So any idea of finding her? Started rewinding many movies in my mind, hoping to find some way. Fine. i thought of one thou, little silly may be….

I went straight to the security guard area which is the only point of entry into the park. There was one young beautiful lady and a gentlemen over there. Without any hesitation i told my story to them and obliged that only they could help me. Requested them to ask every visitor to put an entry of their address, name and mobile number in a register kind of thing as part of security measure in the park. After long pleading they accepted to it. I just wanted them to do this help for an hour. It was 12 now, but still the register dint have the much expected mobile number. I thanked them and went inside the park. ennatha naan search panrathu. Infact i started losing hope on her. I called her. She told me that she in the park as she had informed me. No change in her plans. Ppl were flowing in by now, seems so many doesnt have work even on a weekday. More crowd, more anger as it is more difficult for me to find. Comme onnn dont lose hope, still an hour for her deadline to be over. To be frank i still dint know y i am so keen to see her, and wasting my entire day for a person whom i have never seen.

A new message from her saying just think and she knows i will meet her for sure. Aaahh !! started recollecting what and all she told me that entire day. Her wish, meeting, amusement park, 10 to 6 in the park dot dot. It was five thirty and after a long gap smile in me was back. For the first time felt i had found her. I ran my way thru the crowd to the park office. I briefed the manager and asked if there was any staff with that mobile number. May be his memory was too good or he was very close , a glance at the number and he told it belonged to person named X and the place where i can find her now. I guessed right, not bad. Next minute i was before her, at the security desk, the same young beautiful lady to whom i briefed my story in the morning and asking her help to find her only. She welcomed me with her cute smile and i returned back smartly too 🙂